405 POST method not allowed

This was resolved in the comments by user2663554

Problem solved, I miss one slash on the url.

This response code (405) can come from any number of issues, but it generally ends up that either you are using the wrong URL (as in this case), or you are using the wrong request method. Sometimes it’s both!

Quite often I see people getting this issue when they are trying to update an individual resource (/api/res/1), but they are using the list url (/api/res) which doesn’t allow the request to be made. This can also happen in the reverse, where someone is trying to create a new instance, but they are sending a POST request to the individual object.

In some cases, the wrong url is being used, so users are requesting a standard non-API view and thinking it is an API view (/res instead of /api/res). So make sure to always check your urls!

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