A visual patch tool for Linux

I really like Kompare. It is just a (very nice) graphical interface for diff.


sudo apt-get install kompare

Creating and applying patches

Kompare is able to create a patch file
which lists only the differences
between two compared text files A and
B. Further, Kompare can apply a patch
file which was created this way to an
original file A and, in this manner,
recompute the contents of the
corresponding file B. This is a
comfortable utility for passing a
corrected version of a file to a
friend who already has an older
version of the same file, because only
the (relatively small) patch file has
to be delivered and the receiver can
generate the corrected file by
applying the patch to the original

The patches created and applied by
Kompare are compatible to patch files
generated or applied by the command
line interface diff utility, because
Kompare is in fact merely a graphical
front end to diff and the patches are
created and applied by patch, which
gets called by Kompare.

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