Android Selector Drawable with VectorDrawables srcCompat

Some things have changed since I asked this question, so I will answer it myself.

With Support Library 23.4.0 the support for VectorDrawables from Ressources was reenabled: Android Support Library 23.4.0 available now

You can find more information on that in this cast from the Google I/O 2016:
What’s new in the support library – Google I/O 2016

You need to add this to every Activity where you want to use VectorDrawables on devices below Android 5.0 (Codename Lollipop, API level 21):

static {

So you can now use VectorDrawables in DrawableContainers but it can still cause some issues as mentioned in the sources above so use it with caution.

I did not reenable this feature in my app so far but I will change a lot of my icons to VectorDrawables with my next major release and will then dive deeper into this topic.

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