Android Unit Testing: Bundle/Parcelable

I’ve found this link showing how you can unit test a parcelable object:

You can actually skip the Bundle if you don’t really need to include it like zorch did his suggestion. You would then get something like this:

public void testTestClassParcelable(){
    TestClass test = new TestClass();

    // Obtain a Parcel object and write the parcelable object to it:
    Parcel parcel = Parcel.obtain();
    test.writeToParcel(parcel, 0);

    // After you're done with writing, you need to reset the parcel for reading:

    // Reconstruct object from parcel and asserts:
    TestClass createdFromParcel = TestClass.CREATOR.createFromParcel(parcel);
    assertEquals(test, createdFromParcel);

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