Angular session timeout and management [duplicate]

Try ng-idle. It’s simple component where you can set the timeout and warning time before the timeout is reached. Then you can query server for user logout or something similar.

myApp.config(function(IdleProvider, KeepaliveProvider) {
  IdleProvider.idle(900); // 15 min
  KeepaliveProvider.interval(600); // heartbeat every 10 min
  KeepaliveProvider.http('/api/heartbeat'); // URL that makes sure session is alive
});$rootScope, Idle) {;
  $rootScope.$on('IdleStart', function() { /* Display modal warning or sth */ });
  $rootScope.$on('IdleTimeout', function() { /* Logout user */ });

In the above configuration, when user is idle for 900s (does not move mouse, press any key or button etc), warning is being displayed. It will then wait 60s and log out user (send request to a server that possibly destroys server session).

In order to make sure server session does not expire (even if everything user is doing is moving mouse) the Keepalive service will send a request to the server every 10 minutes. This time has to less than server session expiration time.

Checkout the demo.

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