Can GitHub Copilot stop auto-suggesting, instead be triggered by a keystroke?

In settings.json (under File, Preferences, Settings), I found that setting the more general option:

    "editor.inlineSuggest.enabled": false,

Seems to work as I’d hoped. Copilot suggestions are now only provided on-demand, when I press Alt\, and accepted when I press Tab

I worry that this might disable other types of suggestions I rely on… but language auto-completion still seems to work. I’ll update this answer if I find anything I miss.

BTW, changing the keyboard shortcuts:

Under File, Preferences, Keyboard Shortcuts, if you search for inlinesuggest, you see the keystrokes for both triggering inline suggestion and for committing (aka, accepting) inline suggestions. Double-click the row to change the key (but watch out for conflicts.)

VSCode settings for inline suggestions

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