Can java call parent overridden method in other objects but not subtype?

You can’t call the super method in other objects – that would violate encapsulation. The whole point is that the object controls what its overridden methods do. For instance, you might override a collection’s add method to throw an exception in certain circumstances, so it could ensure only “valid” items got added to the collection. That would be pointless if callers could just bypass it with a cast!

The only reason an object gets to call for itself is to enable one call to be implemented by using the parent implementation. It’s up to the code in the class to make sure it only ever does that sensibly. Again, to take the add-in-a-collection example, if the collection overrides add it would have to have some way of adding the validated item to the collection, which it would do with super.add().

Note that for the same reason of encapuslation, you can only call your parent implementation, not the grandparent implementation – so is valid, but isn’t.

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