Comparing two NSDates and ignoring the time component

I’m surprised that no other answers have this option for getting the “beginning of day” date for the objects:

[[NSCalendar currentCalendar] rangeOfUnit:NSCalendarUnitDay startDate:&date1 interval:NULL forDate:date1];
[[NSCalendar currentCalendar] rangeOfUnit:NSCalendarUnitDay startDate:&date2 interval:NULL forDate:date2];

Which sets date1 and date2 to the beginning of their respective days. If they are equal, they are on the same day.

Or this option:

NSUInteger day1 = [[NSCalendar currentCalendar] ordinalityOfUnit:NSDayCalendarUnit inUnit: forDate:date1];
NSUInteger day2 = [[NSCalendar currentCalendar] ordinalityOfUnit:NSCalendarUnitDay inUnit:NSCalendarUnitEra forDate:date2];

Which sets day1 and day2 to somewhat arbitrary values that can be compared. If they are equal, they are on the same day.

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