‘Field required a bean of type that could not be found.’ error spring restful API using mongodb

Solved it. So by default, all packages that falls under @SpringBootApplication declaration will be scanned.

Assuming my main class ExampleApplication that has @SpringBootApplication declaration is declared inside com.example.something, then all components that falls under com.example.something is scanned while com.example.applicant will not be scanned.

So, there are two ways to do it based on this question. Use

"com.example.something", "com.example.application"})

That way, the application will scan all the specified components, but I think what if the scale were getting bigger ?

So I use the second approach, by restructuring my packages and it worked ! Now my packages structure became like this.

├── main/
│   └── java/
|       ├── com.example/
|       |   └── Application.java
|       ├── com.example.model/
|       |   └── User.java
|       ├── com.example.controller/
|       |   ├── IndexController.java
|       |   └── UsersController.java
|       └── com.example.service/
|           └── UserService.java
└── resources/
    └── application.properties

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