Flutter TextButton Remove Padding and Inner Padding [duplicate]

Flutter TextButton is the new button. Since Flutter 2.0 FlatButton is deprecated.

Example of how to use this button with custom styles.
This is a back button with an icon.
It has a wide pressable area and alignment to left according to design.

For inner padding just use Padding widget in the child property – it gives you consistent style for any String length.

  onPressed: () => Navigator.pop(context),
  style: TextButton.styleFrom(
      padding: EdgeInsets.zero,
      minimumSize: Size(50, 30),
      tapTargetSize: MaterialTapTargetSize.shrinkWrap,
      alignment: Alignment.centerLeft),
  child: Icon(
    color: Colors.black,
    size: 18,

enter image description here

For those who are curious about tapTargetSize: MaterialTapTargetSize.shrinkWrap, property – more info is here https://stackoverflow.com/a/71841707/7198006

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