Flutter: There should be exactly one item with [DropdownButton]’s value

Well, since no problem has an exact same solution. I was facing the same issue with my code. Here is How I fixed this.

CODE of my DropdownButton:

   items: _salutations
         .map((String item) =>
             DropdownMenuItem<String>(child: Text(item), value: item))
    onChanged: (String value) {
       setState(() {
         print("previous ${this._salutation}");
         print("selected $value");
         this._salutation = value;
     value: _salutation,

The Error

In the code snippet below, I am setting the state for a selection value, which is of type String. Now problem with my code was the default initialization of this selection value.
Initially, I was initializing the variable _salutation as:

String _salutation = ""; //Notice the empty String.

This was a mistake!

Initial selection should not be null or empty as the error message correctly mentioned.

‘items == null || items.isEmpty || value == null ||

And hence the crash:


Initialize the value object with some default value. Please note that the value should be the one of the values contained by your collection. If it is not, then expect a crash.

  String _salutation = "Mr."; //This is the selection value. It is also present in my array.
  final _salutations = ["Mr.", "Mrs.", "Master", "Mistress"];//This is the array for dropdown

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