Go url parameters mapping

There is no built in simple way to do this, however, it is not hard to do.

This is how I do it, without adding a particular library. It is placed in a function so that you can invoke a simple getCode() function within your request handler.

Basically you just split the r.URL.Path into parts, and then analyse the parts.

// Extract a code from a URL. Return the default code if code
// is missing or code is not a valid number.
func getCode(r *http.Request, defaultCode int) (int, string) {
        p := strings.Split(r.URL.Path, "https://stackoverflow.com/")
        if len(p) == 1 {
                return defaultCode, p[0]
        } else if len(p) > 1 {
                code, err := strconv.Atoi(p[0])
                if err == nil {
                        return code, p[1]
                } else {
                        return defaultCode, p[1]
        } else {
                return defaultCode, ""

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