How do I recompile an Elixir project and reload it from within iex?

You can use the IEx.Helpers.recompile/0 function.

Recompiles the current Mix application.

This helper only works when IEx is started with a Mix project, for
example, iex -S mix. Before compiling the code, it will stop the
current application, and start it again afterwards. Stopping
applications are required so processes in the supervision tree won’t
crash when code is upgraded multiple times without going through the
proper hot-code swapping mechanism.

Changes to mix.exs or configuration files won’t be picked up by this
helper, only changes to sources. Restarting the shell and Mix is
required in such cases.

If you want to reload a single module, consider using r ModuleName

NOTE: This feature is experimental and may be removed in upcoming


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