How many concurrent users can a web app built in Meteor.js handle? [closed]

UPDATE ClassCraft reports one Meteor server handling 6400 concurrent users. Read more in the Scalability section of my Why Meteor article.

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How Many Simultaneous Users Does the Biggest Current Meteor App Support?

Here’s a benchmark not exactly about concurrent users, but rather about setting up subscriptions (arguably a more stressful test).

Arunoda has recently published the results of a test using meteor-down (a load testing tool similar to @alanning’s meteor-load-test) and Cluster, a Meteor load balancing tool.

The test was run on the cheapest Digital Ocean servers (512MB RAM, $5/month), and the results were rather impressive:

enter image description here

For all the above scenarios, server response time is less than 8ms.

Essentially one commodity machine can handle 2500 Meteor subscriptions per minute and respond within 8 miliseconds. Horizontal scaling takes less than 5% overhead.

You can read more about the test at Meteor Cluster Performance Test: Impressive Results.

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