How to call print() with colorful text to android studio console in flutter

I created the screenshots and code below in VS Code, but supposedly it also works in Android Studio now too:

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void main() {
  print('This is a normal message.');
  printWarning('This is a warning.');
  printError('This is an error.');

void printWarning(String text) {

void printError(String text) {

ANSI escape code explanation

The ANSI escape code string is pretty confusing if you’re not familiar with the format.

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Here is the string to turn Hello red:


And here it is again with spaces added for clarity between the parts:

\x1B  [31m  Hello  \x1B  [0m


  • \x1B: ANSI escape sequence starting marker
  • [31m: Escape sequence for red
  • [0m: Escape sequence for reset (stop making the text red)

Here are the other colors:

Black:   \x1B[30m
Red:     \x1B[31m
Green:   \x1B[32m
Yellow:  \x1B[33m
Blue:    \x1B[34m
Magenta: \x1B[35m
Cyan:    \x1B[36m
White:   \x1B[37m
Reset:   \x1B[0m

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