How to create a custom keyboard

I think you’re looking for the “Text, Web, and Editing Programming Guide for iOS

The UIKit framework includes support for custom input views and input accessory views. Your application can substitute its own input view for the system keyboard when users edit text or other forms of data in a view. For example, an application could use a custom input view to enter characters from a runic alphabet. You may also attach an input accessory view to the system keyboard or to a custom input view; this accessory view runs along the top of the main input view and can contain, for example, controls that affect the text in some way or labels that display some information about the text.

To get this feature if your application is using UITextView and UITextField objects for text editing, simply assign custom views to the inputView and inputAccessoryView properties. Those custom views are shown when the text object becomes first responder…

This might serve as a good introduction: customizing the iOS keyboard

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