How to debug Greasemonkey script with the Firebug extension?

Updatier: The Mene+Shuman fix now is busted with Firefox 30 and Firebug 2. Firefox 31 may provide workarounds (will investigate). In the meantime, use the “General workaround strategies” listed below.

Update: This answer is now obsolete.

If you open about:config and
set extensions.firebug.filterSystemURLs to false
then you can use Firebug to debug the Greasemonkey script just like any other.

This works irregardless of the @grant mode.

See Mene’s answer — with an assist from Shuman.

Old answer:

Because Greasemonkey operates in a sandbox, Firebug cannot see it. There is no easy way around this.

General workaround strategies:

  1. Test all parts of a GM script that don’t use GM_ functions, in Firebug’s JavaScript console first. Minimize use of GM_ functions and don’t use GM_log() at all.

  2. All of Firebug’s console functions work great from within a GM script.

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