How to generate your classes in a specific folder with Angula2 CLI?

Generated items for the Angular CLI are relative…

if you are in the root dir (or the source dir) you are perceived to be in the app dir…

~/me/foo > ng g c bar
// ~/me/foo/src/app/bar/bar.component*

~/me/foo/src > ng g c bar
// ~/me/foo/src/app/bar/bar.component*

if you are in the app directory or further down the folder structure you will generate to where you are…

~/me/foo/src/app/feature > ng g c bar
// ~/me/foo/src/app/feature/bar/bar.component*

~/me/foo/src/app/feature > ng g c ../bar
// ~/me/foo/src/app/bar/bar.component*

Note: if you try to generate into a dir that does not exist, it will error…

~/me/foo/src/app > ng g c a/b/c/d/e/f/g/bar
// Error

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