How to get key names from JSON using jq

You can use:

jq 'keys' file.json

Complete example

$ cat file.json
{ "Archiver-Version" : "Plexus Archiver", "Build-Id" : "", "Build-Jdk" : "1.7.0_07", "Build-Number" : "", "Build-Tag" : "", "Built-By" : "cporter", "Created-By" : "Apache Maven", "Implementation-Title" : "northstar", "Implementation-Vendor-Id" : "com.test.testPack", "Implementation-Version" : "testBox", "Manifest-Version" : "1.0", "appname" : "testApp", "build-date" : "02-03-2014-13:41", "version" : "testBox" }

$ jq 'keys' file.json

UPDATE: To create a BASH array using these keys:

Using BASH 4+:

mapfile -t arr < <(jq -r 'keys[]' ms.json)

On older BASH you can do:

while IFS='' read -r line; do
done < <(jq 'keys[]' ms.json)

Then print it:

printf "%s\n" ${arr[@]}


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