How to send and retrieve parameters using $state.go toParams and $stateParams?

If you want to pass non-URL state, then you must not use url when setting up your state. I found the answer on a PR and did some monkeying around to better understand.

$stateProvider.state('toState', {
  params: {
    'referer': 'some default', 
    'param2': 'some default', 
    'etc': 'some default'

Then you can navigate to it like so:

$state.go('toState', { 'referer':'jimbob', 'param2':37, 'etc':'bluebell' });


var result = { referer:'jimbob', param2:37, etc:'bluebell' };
$state.go('toState', result);

And in HTML thusly:

<a ui-sref="toState(thingy)" class="list-group-item" ng-repeat="thingy in thingies">{{ thingy.referer }}</a>

This use case is completely uncovered in the documentation, but I think it’s a powerful means on transitioning state without using URLs.

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