How to teach eclipse to generate compact equals() and hashCode() from the jdk 7 Objects class?

hashCode and equals generation using the Java 7 Objects class has now been implemented in Eclipse. I was working on the feature request 424214 back in August 2018 and my contributions were merged in the JDT UI codebase shortly afterwards (see commit f543cd6).

Here’s an overview of the new option in the Source > Generate hashCode() and equals… tool:

New option in generation tool

This has been officially released in Eclipse 4.9 in September 2018. Simply download the latest version of Eclipse (downloads can be found here), or install the latest available software with the following update site:

In addition to this new feature, arrays are now handled more cleverly. The generation will use the Arrays.deepHashCode and Arrays.deepEquals methods in a number of cases where it would previously incorrectly prefer the standard Arrays.hashCode and Arrays.equals alternatives.

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