How to unsubscribe to a broadcast event in angularJS. How to remove function registered via $on

You need to store the returned function and call it to unsubscribe from the event.

var deregisterListener = $scope.$on("onViewUpdated", callMe);
deregisterListener (); // this will deregister that listener

This is found in the source code 🙂 at least in 1.0.4. I’ll just post the full code since it’s short

  * @param {string} name Event name to listen on.
  * @param {function(event)} listener Function to call when the event is emitted.
  * @returns {function()} Returns a deregistration function for this listener.
$on: function(name, listener) {
    var namedListeners = this.$$listeners[name];
    if (!namedListeners) {
      this.$$listeners[name] = namedListeners = [];

    return function() {
      namedListeners[indexOf(namedListeners, listener)] = null;

Also, see the docs.

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