HSQL database user lacks privilege or object not found error

As said by a previous response there is many possible causes. One of them is that the table isn’t created because of syntax incompatibility. If specific DB vendor syntax or specific capability is used, HSQLDB will not recognize it. Then while the creation code is executed you could see that the table is not created for this syntax reason. For exemple if the entity is annoted with @Column(columnDefinition = "TEXT") the creation of the table will fail.

There is a work around which tell to HSQLDB to be in a compatible mode
for pgsl you should append your connection url with that


and for mysql with




note there is variant depending on your configuration
it could be hibernate.connection.url= or spring.datasource.url=
for those who don’t use the hibernate schema creation but a SQL script you should use this kind of syntax in your script


It will also fix issues due to vendor specific syntax in SQL request such as array_agg for posgresql

Nota bene : The the problem occurs very early when the code parse the model to create the schema and then is hidden in many lines of logs, then the unitTested code crash with a confusing and obscure exception “user lacks privilege or object not found error” which does not point the real problem at all. So make sure to read all the trace from the beginning and fix all possible issues

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