iOS – color on Xcode simulator is different from the color on device

Credit goes to @jtbandes for suggesting to send screenshots which led to the solution

I am just answering the question for completeness.

Steps I followed:

  1. Take a screenshot of image in storyboard
  2. Take a screenshot of image in device (use mail / photo stream back to your mac)
  3. Use color picker (part of mac OS color palette) to pick the same spot on both the screenshots
  4. Note down the RGB values (available on the mac OS color palette) of spots chosen in step 3
  5. compare both the RGB values and see the difference
  6. add the RGB offset to match the color.

My RGB offset (not be followed blindly)

based on my experience, i added the following RGB values to get the color I wanted, it is only rough and worked for me:

  • Red +12
  • Green +19
  • Blue +16

Different angles (best to keep it horizontal)

Holding the phone in different angles also gives different shades, keeping it horizontal did give the color

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