Is there a keyboard shortcut to select a column for editing in Atom editor?

There are several ways to achieve this:


You can enable column selection mode using Ctrl+Shift+↑/↓. This will allow you to extend the cursor to multiple rows. Once you have selected all rows, release the keys, and use the Delete key to remove the text you want to replace. Once you’re done, press the Esc key to release the cursors.

Note: You will have to disable the Mission Control (key bindings) in OS X to use this key combo.

How to Disable Mission Control (conflicting) Key Bindings (Mac)

To do this open System Preferences > Mission Control

enter image description here

Locate the key bindings for Mission Control and Applications windows:


Disable the key bindings for these two:

enter image description here

More details here.


If you install the Sublime Style Column Selection package, you can use Alt+Mouse to select the columns in question.

More details here.

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