Linq to SQL: how to aggregate without a group by?

This is what I found seems like you still have to do a group by…can just use constant:

var orderTotals =
    from ord in dc.Orders
    group ord by 1 into og
    select new
        prop1 = og.Sum(item=> item.Col1),
        prop2 = og.Sum(item => item.Col2),
        prop3 = og.Count(item => item.Col3)

This produces the following SQL, which is not optimal, but works:

SELECT SUM([Col1]) as [prop1], SUM([Col2]) as [prop2], COUNT(*) AS [prop3]
    SELECT 1 AS [value], [t0].[Col1], [t0].[Col2], [t0].[Col3]
    FROM [table] AS [t0]
    ) AS [t1]
GROUP BY [t1].[value]

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