Making golang Gorilla CORS handler work

Please read the link Markus suggested, and also about what triggers CORS pre-flight requests.

Pre-flight requests: You may have a content type like JSON, or some other custom header that’s triggering a pre-flight request, which your server may not be handling. Try adding this one, if you’re using the ever-common AJAX in your front-end:

Gorilla’s handlers.CORS() will set sane defaults to get the basics of CORS working for you; however, you can (and maybe should) take control in a more functional manner.

Here’s some starter code:

// Where ORIGIN_ALLOWED is like `scheme://dns[:port]`, or `*` (insecure)
headersOk := handlers.AllowedHeaders([]string{"X-Requested-With"})
originsOk := handlers.AllowedOrigins([]string{os.Getenv("ORIGIN_ALLOWED")})
methodsOk := handlers.AllowedMethods([]string{"GET", "HEAD", "POST", "PUT", "OPTIONS"})

// start server listen
// with error handling
log.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(":" + os.Getenv("PORT"), handlers.CORS(originsOk, headersOk, methodsOk)(router)))

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