Multiple outputs in Keras

from keras.models import Model
from keras.layers import *    

#inp is a "tensor", that can be passed when calling other layers to produce an output 
inp = Input((10,)) #supposing you have ten numeric values as input 

#here, SomeLayer() is defining a layer, 
#and calling it with (inp) produces the output tensor x
x = SomeLayer(blablabla)(inp) 
x = SomeOtherLayer(blablabla)(x) #here, I just replace x, because this intermediate output is not interesting to keep

#here, I want to keep the two different outputs for defining the model
#notice that both left and right are called with the same input x, creating a fork
out1 = LeftSideLastLayer(balbalba)(x)    
out2 = RightSideLastLayer(banblabala)(x)

#here, you define which path you will follow in the graph you've drawn with layers
#notice the two outputs passed in a list, telling the model I want it to have two outputs.
model = Model(inp, [out1,out2])
model.compile(optimizer = ...., loss = ....) #loss can be one for both sides or a list with different loss functions for out1 and out2,[outputYLeft, outputYRight], epochs=..., batch_size=...)

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