Print date for the monday of the current week (in bash)

date -dmonday +%Y%m%d

#last monday
date -dlast-monday +%Y%m%d

#next monday
date -dnext-monday +%Y%m%d

#two mondays from now
date -d'monday+14 days' +%Y%m%d

#two mondays ago
date -d'monday-14 days' +%Y%m%d

#although, if you fancy yourself an Abraham Lincolin
date -d'monday-fortnight ago' +%Y%m%d #2 weeks ago
date -d'monday+fortnight' +%Y%m%d #2 weeks from now

#Monday Next Year
date -d'52+monday' +%Y%m%d

#However, Monday Last Year
date -d'52-monday' +%Y%m%d  #DOES NOT  WORK

#you can try a day other than monday
#and format this differently.

if a range is what your after you may need to do a few things

#Tuesday to Sunday
#since today is monday, I'll use Tuesday
echo `date -dtuesday +%Y%m%d-``date -dnext-sunday +%Y%m%d`

which would output:


More on Dates

note this only works on GNU date

I have read that:

Solaris version of date, which unable
to support -d can be resolve with
replacing version of

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