Smooth scroll in Visual Studio code

// Controls if the editor will scroll using an animation

  "editor.smoothScrolling": false,

// Enable this workaround if scrolling is no longer smooth after
restoring a minimized VS Code window. This is a workaround for an
issue ( where
scrolling starts to lag on devices with precision trackpads like the
Surface devices from Microsoft. Enabling this workaround can result in
a little bit of layout flickering after restoring the window from
minimized state but is otherwise harmless.

  "window.smoothScrollingWorkaround": false

Those are the defaults, set to true for smooth scrolling (second setting only if you need it).

Also see smooth scrolling in lists and trees: v1.46 release notes adds this setting:

workbench.list.smoothScrolling for the explorer, etc.

Update November 2020

VS Code has been updated and its settings UI also has changed. So to enable smooth scrolling in VS Code. Go to settings and just search smooth you can just enable this setting to enable smooth scrolling.
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