Storing PHP arrays in cookies

To store the array values in cookie, first you need to convert them to string, so here is some options.

Storing cookies as JSON

Storing code

setcookie('your_cookie_name', json_encode($info), time()+3600);

Reading code

$data = json_decode($_COOKIE['your_cookie_name'], true);

JSON can be good choose also if you need read cookie in front end with JavaScript.

Actually you can use any encrypt_array_to_string/decrypt_array_from_string methods group that will convert array to string and convert string back to same array.
For example you can also use explode/implode for array of integers.

Warning: Do not use serialize/unserialize


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Do not pass untrusted user input to unserialize(). – Anything that coming by HTTP including cookies is untrusted!

References related to security

As an alternative solution, you can do it also without converting array to string.

setcookie('my_array[0]', 'value1' , time()+3600);
setcookie('my_array[1]', 'value2' , time()+3600);
setcookie('my_array[2]', 'value3' , time()+3600);

And after if you will print $_COOKIE variable, you will see the following

echo '<pre>';
print_r( $_COOKIE );
    [my_array] => Array
            [0] => value1
            [1] => value2
            [2] => value3


This is documented PHP feature.


Cookies names can be set as array names and will be available to your PHP scripts as arrays but separate cookies are stored on the user's system.

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