Convert LaTeX to ePub [closed]

Pandoc supports conversion from Latex to e-Pub. The chances are high that it doesn’t handle your Latex documents completely, but it should help with the conversion process. Pandoc has converted Tex formulae to Mathml; I don’t know how good that conversion is since I haven’t used it.

Ruby XML to JSON Converter?

A simple trick: First you need to gem install json, then when using Rails you can do: require ‘json’ require ‘active_support/core_ext’ Hash.from_xml(‘<variable type=”product_code”>5</variable>’).to_json #=> “{\”variable\”:\”5\”}” If you are not using Rails, then you can gem install activesupport, require it and things should work smoothly. Example: require ‘json’ require ‘net/http’ require ‘active_support/core_ext/hash’ s = Net::HTTP.get_response(URI.parse(‘’)).body puts …

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RGB to HSL conversion

I’ve been reading several wiki pages and checking different calculations, and creating visualizations of RGB cube projection onto a hexagon. And I’d like to post my understanding of this conversion. Since I find this conversion (representations of color models using geometric shapes) interesting, I’ll try to be as thorough as I can be. First, let’s …

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Convert between LocalDate and sql.Date [duplicate]

The Java 8 version (and later) of java.sql.Date has built in support for LocalDate, including toLocalDate and valueOf(LocalDate). To convert from LocalDate to java.sql.Date you can use java.sql.Date.valueOf( localDate ); And to convert from java.sql.Date to LocalDate: sqlDate.toLocalDate(); Time zones: The LocalDate type stores no time zone information, while java.sql.Date does. Therefore, when using the …

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How to convert BASE64 string into Image with Flutter?

There’s a simpler way using ‘dart:convert’ package Image.memory(base64Decode(base64String)); Implementation and some useful methods : import ‘dart:convert’; import ‘dart:typed_data’; import ‘package:flutter/widgets.dart’; Image imageFromBase64String(String base64String) { return Image.memory(base64Decode(base64String)); } Uint8List dataFromBase64String(String base64String) { return base64Decode(base64String); } String base64String(Uint8List data) { return base64Encode(data); }

No converter found capable of converting from type to type

Return ABDeadlineType from repository: public interface ABDeadlineTypeRepository extends JpaRepository<ABDeadlineType, Long> { List<ABDeadlineType> findAllSummarizedBy(); } and then convert to DeadlineType. Manually or use mapstruct. Or call constructor from @Query annotation: public interface DeadlineTypeRepository extends JpaRepository<ABDeadlineType, Long> { @Query(“select new package.DeadlineType(, a.code) from ABDeadlineType a “) List<DeadlineType> findAllSummarizedBy(); } Or use @Projection: @Projection(name = “deadline”, types = …

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