How to deploy Dockerfile and application files to boot2docker

Not sure if it helps under windows. But for Mac see: boot2docker together with VirtualBox Guest Additions How to mount /Users into boot2docker tl;dr Build your own custom boot2docker.iso with VirtualBox Guest Additions (see link) or download and save it to ~/.boot2docker/boot2docker.iso.

Shared library in containers

Actually, processes A & B that use a shared library can share the same memory. Somewhat un-intuitively it depends on which docker storage driver you’re using. If you use a storage driver that can expose the shared library files as originating from the same device/inode when they reside in the same docker layer then … Read more

How to run a pulled images – docker

There isnt any image with tag “latest” Try running using the tag “dab-1.1.0slim” docker run Or else you could run the docker image using image id docker run -i -t f994713b61cb for more info on docker run command check out

How to kill process inside container? Docker top command

When I reproduce your situation I see different PIDs between docker top <container> and docker exec -it <container> ps -aux. When you do docker exec the command is executed inside the container => should use container’s pid. Otherwise you could do the kill without docker straight from the host, in your case: sudo kill -9 … Read more

Install OpenCV in a Docker container

Fixed with a slightly different set-up FROM python:2.7 MAINTAINER Ewan Valentine <[email┬áprotected]> RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/app WORKDIR /usr/src/app #┬áVarious Python and C/build deps RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \ wget \ build-essential \ cmake \ git \ unzip \ pkg-config \ python-dev \ python-opencv \ libopencv-dev \ libav-tools \ libjpeg-dev \ libpng-dev \ … Read more