Plot window not responding

The problem is likely to be the graphics toolkit which your installation of Octave is using. To check this, type graphics_toolkit in the Octave command line. If the response is fltk and your plot window is freezing, then switch the default toolkit to gnuplot: graphics_toolkit(‘gnuplot’) Test that the problem is fixed: x=1:10; y=x.^2; plot(x,y) Make …

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Why does “docker attach” hang?

It does not really hang. As you can see in the comment below (You are running “/bin/bash” as command) it seems to be expected behaviour when attaching. As far as I understand you attach to the running shell and just the stdin/stdout/stderr – depending on the options you pass along with the run command – …

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Xcode stuck on Indexing

Open your Project Folder. Find ProjectName.xcodeproj file. Right-Click Copy and Paste to Safe Place. Right-Click Show Package Contents. Find project.xcworkspace file and delete that file. Reopen Your Project and clean and Rebuild. If your problem is not solved then replace the file with your backup file.