Angular2 .gitignore

angular-cli generates # See for more about ignoring files. # compiled output /dist /tmp /out-tsc # dependencies /node_modules # IDEs and editors /.idea .project .classpath .c9/ *.launch .settings/ *.sublime-workspace # IDE – VSCode .vscode/* !.vscode/settings.json !.vscode/tasks.json !.vscode/launch.json !.vscode/extensions.json # misc /.sass-cache /connect.lock /coverage /libpeerconnection.log npm-debug.log testem.log /typings # e2e /e2e/*.js /e2e/*.map # System Files … Read more

Added pod files and pushed. How to undo? how to use gitignore in Xcode & github?

That’s correct, you need to add the Pods directory to your .gitignore 1) Remove your files from your github repository: git rm -r Pods/ and don’t forget to commit and push 2) Create a gitignore file: Open terminal and go through your project folder where the .git folder is located Type touch .gitignore Type echo … Read more

Git still adds and tracks folders marked in .gitignore [duplicate]

The reason it isn’t working is (probably) because you added some of those files before you added the .gitignore – so you have to remove them from git before they’re able to be ignored. Source: First, commit any outstanding code changes, and then, run this command: git rm -r –cached . This removes everything … Read more