Use HTML Tidy to just indent HTML code?

Use the indent, tidy-mark, and quiet options: tidy \ -indent \ –indent-spaces 2 \ -quiet \ –tidy-mark no \ index.html Or, using a config file rather than command-line options: indent: auto indent-spaces: 2 quiet: yes tidy-mark: no Name it tidy_config.txt and save it the same directory as the .html file. Run it like this: tidy … Read more

Notepad++ HTML Tidy

Windows 7-10 x64, Notepad++ 5.9.5 Solution: It has to do with the libTidy.dll not being included in the current distributions. However, it was available in earlier versions. Solution is to download the 5.9 zip, then copy one of the following folders: ansi\plugins\Config\tidy or Unicode\plugins\Config\tidy to your current Notepad++\plugins\Config folder Also, if you install to the … Read more