How to see data from .RData file?

I think the problem is that you load isfar data.frame but you overwrite it by value returned by load. Try either: load(“C:/Users/isfar.RData”) head(isfar) Or more general way load(“C:/Users/isfar.RData”, ex <- new.env()) ls.str(ex)

How to save data file into .RData?

Alternatively, when you want to save individual R objects, I recommend using saveRDS. You can save R objects using saveRDS, then load them into R with a new variable name using readRDS. Example: # Save the city object saveRDS(city, “city.rds”) # … # Load the city object as city city <- readRDS(“city.rds”) # Or with …

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What are the main differences between R data files?

Rda is just a short name for RData. You can just save(), load(), attach(), etc. just like you do with RData. Rds stores a single R object. Yet, beyond that simple explanation, there are several differences from a “standard” storage. Probably this R-manual Link to readRDS() function clarifies such distinctions sufficiently. So, answering your questions: …

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