Run a React Native iOS release build from terminal

I did a PR to the React Native project to allow this feature. The PR can be check here: So, in the future, to run a release build from terminal you just only need to type the following command: npx react-native run-ios –configuration Release If you want run your project on a real device … Read more

How to resolve the error on ‘react-native start’

I just got a similar error for the first time today. It appears in \node_modules\metro-config\src\defaults\blacklist.js, there is an invalid regular expression that needed changed. I changed the first expression under sharedBlacklist from: var sharedBlacklist = [ /node_modules[/\\]react[/\\]dist[/\\].*/, /website\/node_modules\/.*/, /heapCapture\/bundle\.js/, /.*\/__tests__\/.*/ ]; to: var sharedBlacklist = [ /node_modules[\/\\]react[\/\\]dist[\/\\].*/, /website\/node_modules\/.*/, /heapCapture\/bundle\.js/, /.*\/__tests__\/.*/ ];