Confusion with Atomic Grouping – how it differs from the Grouping in regular expression of Ruby?

A () has some properties (include those such as (?!pattern), (?=pattern), etc. and the plain (pattern)), but the common property between all of them is grouping, which makes the arbitrary pattern a single unit (unit is my own terminology), which is useful in repetition. The normal capturing (pattern) has the property of capturing and group. … Read more

Ruby on Rails “invalid byte sequence in UTF-8” due to bot

So you don’t have to piece together the comments in my other reply, this is what I’m doing now – I’ve seen no errors for 24 hours, so it looks very promising: Add rack-utf8_sanitizer to your Gemfile: gem ‘rack-utf8_sanitizer’ and run bundle Put this middleware in app/middleware/handle_invalid_percent_encoding.rb and rename the class HandleInvalidPercentEncoding (because ExceptionApp is … Read more

ruby-debug with Ruby 1.9.3?

Update (April 28, 2012) Try the new debugger gem as a replacement for ruby-debug. (credit to @ryanb) Update (March 2, 2012) Installation of linecache19 and ruby-debug-base19 can be easily done with: bash < <(curl -L (credit to @fredostarr) Original answer Have you looked at ruby-debug19 on ruby-1.9.3-preview1? Here’s a temporary solution: Excerpt from … Read more