Collection of Great Applications and Programs using Macros

Culpepper & Felleisen, Fortifying Macros, ICFP 2010 Culpepper, Tobin-Hochstadt and Felleisen, Advanced Macrology and the Implementation of Typed Scheme, Scheme Workshop 2007 Flatt, Findler, Felleisen, Scheme with Classes, Mixins, and Traits, APLAS 2006 Herman, Meunier, Improving the Static Analysis of Embedded Languages via Partial Evaluation, ICFP 2004

What exactly is a symbol in lisp/scheme?

In Scheme and Racket, a symbol is like an immutable string that happens to be interned so that symbols can be compared with eq? (fast, essentially pointer comparison). Symbols and strings are separate data types. One use for symbols is lightweight enumerations. For example, one might say a direction is either ‘north, ‘south, ‘east, or …

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How to install MIT Scheme on Mac?

UPDATED FOR EL CAPITAN: The best way that I’ve found was from here: Download either the 32-bit or 64-bit dmg file for Scheme. Double click the .dmg file, and you’ll get this window, in which you should drag the “MIT/GNU Scheme” file into the Applications folder. For the 32-bit version, run this command: sudo ln …

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