What’s the difference between a web site and a web application? [closed]

This is totally personal and subjective, but I’d say that a website is defined by its content, while a web application is defined by its interaction with the user. That is, a website can plausibly consist of a static content repository that’s dealt out to all visitors, while a web application depends on interaction and … Read more

When to use the terms “delimiter,” “terminator,” and “separator”

A delimiter denotes the limits of something, where it starts and where it ends. For example: “this is a string” has two delimiters, both of which happen to be the double-quote character. The delimiters indicate what’s part of the thing, and what is not. A separator distinguishes two things in a sequence: one, two 1\t2 … Read more

What exactly is the difference between “pass by reference” in C and in C++?

There are questions that already deal with the difference between passing by reference and passing by value. In essence, passing an argument by value to a function means that the function will have its own copy of the argument – its value is copied. Modifying that copy will not modify the original object. However, when … Read more

Absolute urls, relative urls, and…?

Here are the URL components: http://www.example.com/en/public/img/logo.gif \__/ \_____________/\_____________________/ #1 #2 #3 scheme/protocol host path A URL is called an absolute URL if it begins with the scheme and scheme specific part (here // after http:). Anything else is a relative URL. A URL path is called an absolute URL path if it begins with a … Read more

In GitHub URL’s: what is the difference between a tree and a blob?

GitHub’s website currently seems to be: Using blob for files, and tree for directories, in URLs; Redirecting browsers which request file URLs containing tree to contain blob instead; and Redirecting browsers which request directory URLs containing blob to URLs containing tree instead. It’s possible that GitHub’s website, at the time you asked the question, was … Read more

What is a microservice architecture? [closed]

Microservices in my own, hopefully simple terms Monoliths Traditionally web applications are big. You write one piece of software that runs on a server and answers requests in form of HTML, XML or JSON. If you want your web application to do something new, you add that functionality to the existing application. Such big systems … Read more