VectorDrawable – is it available somehow for pre-Lollipop versions of Android? [closed]

UPDATE ON March 2016

By Android Support Library 23.2.1 update, Support Vector Drawables and Animated Vector Drawables. (you can also use latestone for the same)

Please update version of a library in gradle file.

compile ''

Vector drawables allow you to replace multiple png assets with a single vector graphic, defined in XML. While previously limited to Lollipop and higher devices, both VectorDrawable and AnimatedVectorDrawable are now available through two new Support Libraries support-vector-drawable and animated-vector-drawable. new app:srcCompat attribute to reference vector drawables .

Check source on github with some sample examples.

Changes for v7 appcompat library:

Reverted dependency on vector assets so that developers using the appcompat library are not forced to use VectorDrawable and its associated build flags.

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