What are the most common naming conventions in C?

The most important thing here is consistency. That said, I follow the GTK+ coding convention, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. All macros and constants in caps: MAX_BUFFER_SIZE, TRACKING_ID_PREFIX.
  2. Struct names and typedef’s in camelcase: GtkWidget, TrackingOrder.
  3. Functions that operate on structs: classic C style: gtk_widget_show(), tracking_order_process().
  4. Pointers: nothing fancy here:
    GtkWidget *foo, TrackingOrder *bar.
  5. Global variables: just don’t use global variables. They are evil.
  6. Functions that are there, but
    shouldn’t be called directly, or have
    obscure uses, or whatever: one or more
    underscores at the beginning:
    _refrobnicate_data_tables(), _destroy_cache().

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