Xcode6 error: “No matching provisioning profiles found for application”

There’s a couple possibilities for your issue, but the main causes is what I got from experience as well as other SO answers.

  1. Your certificate or profile is outdated, in which case you have to go and regenerate your profiles again. I had this problem before, but Apple has described (partially) this issue.
  2. You haven’t set your profile in the Build Settings/Code Signing area, along with the appropriate certificates. Verify your Team in General/Identity and ensure that your profile is properly set.

    From Xcode 5: Code signing entitlement errors (The image is a bit outdated, but its the same as Xcode 6):
    Build Settings Code Signing section

  3. You are using a beta version of Xcode.
  4. @jaytrixz states: “I just removed Entitlements.plist in Code Signing Entitlements under Build Settings” which could possibly work. Be sure that your provisioning profiles are configured as well.

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