The Variables In PHP

One of the basic elements of any programming language (including PHP ) are certainly the variables . What is a variable? The variable can be defined as a memory area in which information is saved (to which the programmer assigns a particular identifier) ​​which can change during the processing phase of the program itself. In PHP all variables start … Read more

The first line of PHP- Echo, and Print

Starting from this lesson we will see how to write the first lines of code in the PHP language. we will see, in practice, how to define instructions which will then have to be translated by the webserver (through the interpreter installed in it). we talk in this case of server-side scripting as the processing … Read more

Introduction to PHP

In this guide, we will try to understand together the basics of one of the most used server-side scripting languages ​​on the Web. PHP or more precisely PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. It is good to point out right away that the purpose of this manual is to be a basic guide to PHP and therefore to provide basic knowledge to those who, … Read more