How do I retrieve a Django model class dynamically?

I think you’re looking for this: from django.db.models.loading import get_model model = get_model(‘app_name’, ‘model_name’) There are other methods, of course, but this is the way I’d handle it if you don’t know what models file you need to import into your namespace. (Note there’s really no way to safely get a model without first knowing … Read more

How to display uploaded images in “Change List” page in Django Admin?

You can create a model instance method with another name, allow HTML tags for its output and add this method as a list field. Here is an example: First add a new method returning the HTML for the image inclusion: class Article(models.Model): … def admin_image(self): return ‘<img src=”%s”/>’ % self.img admin_image.allow_tags = True Then add … Read more