Solving random crashes

Try Valgrind (it’s free, open-source):

The Valgrind distribution currently
includes six production-quality tools:
a memory error detector, two thread
error detectors, a cache and
branch-prediction profiler, a
call-graph generating cache profiler,
and a heap profiler. It also includes
two experimental tools: a
heap/stack/global array overrun
detector, and a SimPoint basic block
vector generator. It runs on the
following platforms: X86/Linux,
AMD64/Linux, PPC32/Linux, PPC64/Linux,
and X86/Darwin (Mac OS X).

Valgrind Frequently Asked Questions

The Memcheck part of the package is probably the place to start:

Memcheck is a memory error detector.
It can detect the following problems
that are common in C and C++ programs.

  • Accessing memory you shouldn’t, e.g. overrunning and underrunning heap
    blocks, overrunning the top of the
    stack, and accessing memory after it
    has been freed.

  • Using undefined values, i.e. values that have not been initialised, or
    that have been derived from other
    undefined values.

  • Incorrect freeing of heap memory, such as double-freeing heap blocks, or
    mismatched use of malloc/new/new[]
    versus free/delete/delete[]

  • Overlapping src and dst pointers in memcpy and related functions.

  • Memory leaks.

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