overflow-x:hidden still can scroll

I had this exact same problem. I solved it by putting overflow-x: hidden; on both the body and html. html, body { margin: 0 auto; overflow-x: hidden; } html{ padding: 0; } body { width: 950px; } .full { background: red; color: white; margin-right: -3000px !important; margin-left: -3000px !important; padding-right: 3000px !important; padding-left: 3000px !important; …

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CSS: max-width for @media query not working

Have you tried adding the viewport in? <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″> Working JSFiddle Viewport is used when rendering responsive pages and is therefore mostly used when dealing with mobile websites, but when dealing with media queries it helps tell the CSS what the actual device-width is.

Is there any benefit to adding accept-charset=”UTF-8″ to HTML forms, if the page is already in UTF-8?

If the page is already interpreted by the browser as being UTF-8, setting accept-charset=”utf-8″ does nothing. If you set the encoding of the page to UTF-8 in a <meta> and/or HTTP header, it will be interpreted as UTF-8, unless the user deliberately goes to the View->Encoding menu and selects a different encoding, overriding the one …

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When working with text nodes should I use the “data”, “nodeValue”, “textContent” or “wholeText” field?

Of all these I’d choose data: it is defined for the nodes implementing CharacterData interface (Text and Comment ones) only. Trying to access this property for the others gives undefined. nodeValue is essentially the same as data for text nodes, but is actually defined for attribute and comment nodes as well. And I usually want …

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Format html code in Visual Studio Code such that attributes are on separate lines?

VSCode added a way to do this now. You can edit your settings.json (ctrl+shift+p) and then add the following for the desired effect: “html.format.wrapAttributes”: “force-aligned” –or– “html.format.wrapAttributes”: “force” force-aligned will also add indents to align it with the attribute on the line where tag was opened. Visit this link for more details or updates.

Can we add div inside table above every ?

<div> tag can not be used above <tr> tag. Instead you can use <tbody> tag to do your work. If you are planning to give id attribute to <div> tag and doing some processing, same purpose you can achieve through <tbody> tag. For further information visit this page For example: <table> <tbody class=”green”> <tr> <td>Data</td> …

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Twitter Bootstrap inline input with dropdown

Current state: default implementation in docs Currently there is a default implementation of input+dropdown combo in the documentation here (search for “Button dropdowns”). I leave the original solution for the record and for those who cannot use solution now included in the documentation. Original solution Yes, it is possible. As a matter of fact, there …

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How to create triangle shape in the top-right angle of another div to look divided by border

I’d suggest, given the following mark-up: #box { width: 10em; height: 6em; border: 4px solid #ccc; background-color: #fff; position: relative; } #box::before, #box::after { content: ”; position: absolute; top: 0; right: 0; border-color: transparent; border-style: solid; } #box::before { border-width: 1.5em; border-right-color: #ccc; border-top-color: #ccc; } #box::after { border-radius: 0.4em; border-width: 1.35em; border-right-color: #0c0; border-top-color: …

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