Angular 6 Services: providedIn: ‘root’ vs CoreModule

Well I would consider it as an alternative to creating a CoreModule, the documentation clearly states:

There are two ways to make a service a singleton in Angular:
Declare root for the value of the @Injectable() providedIn property

Include the service in the AppModule or in a module that is only imported by the AppModule

I found this here Singleton Services doc

If you app has a CoreModule of pure services you could simply get rid of it(if you don’t think is necessary of course), although I don’t recommend it, for me I consider it more mantainable to have a CoreModule because I can easily find it in the project and tells me what services are fundamental for the app and we need only one instance from them, instead of having to open a search dialog in the IDE and look for all the services that have the providedIn: 'root' setted.

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