AngularJS : transcluding multiple sub elements in a single Angular directive

Starting Angular 1.5, it’s now possible to create multiple slots. Instead of transclude:true, you provide an object with the mappings of each slot:

angular.module('multiSlotTranscludeExample', [])
 .directive('pane', function(){
    return {
      restrict: 'E',
      transclude: {
        'title': '?pane-title',
        'body': 'pane-body',
        'footer': '?pane-footer'
      template: '<div style="border: 1px solid black;">' +
                  '<div class="title" ng-transclude="title">Fallback Title</div>' +
                  '<div ng-transclude="body"></div>' +
                  '<div class="footer" ng-transclude="footer">Fallback Footer</div>' +

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